If it's broke Wurzel can fix it, if it's not broke he can break it. A man of many talents and is our reigning GM.
Tall Paul
Joint Master
Ex bandsman, rally driver and man of action. He is good at volunteering people (must be a forces thing). Often seen being ignored by his dog.
Blow Up Doll
Joint Mistress / Social Media Crew
A woman of many talents, not only is she joint mistress, but she also handles the promotion, widening awareness, and recording of what we do.
Blue Sox
Hash Cash
In control of all things money-wise for the Wessex Hash House Harriers.
Spotted Dick
Hare Razor
An Army veteran – His role is to select “volunteers” to lay the trails.
Bend Over
Religious Advisor
Her role is master of ceremonies and director of banter pre-run and post-run circles.
A past GM, TTP is happy to remain involved in the background keeping a web presence and producing posters for regular and special events.
Hash Haberdashery Mistress
Sells hash Haberdash, whether you want it or not, and regardless if it suits or fits you.
Dust Meister
Supplies sawdust to the hares.
Social Events Member
Organises socials about once a month.
Turned On
Joint On Sec / Stats
Named for her enthusiasm for hashing, she is always bubbling with excitement and a good person to speak to if you're new.
Seaman Staines
Joint On Sec / Stats
Responsible for the dad jokes on the weekly emails.
Puffing Billy
Social Media Crew
Promotion, widening awareness, and recording of what we do.
Hairy G String
Web Nerd
Hairy G-String is our newest recruit to the web design team, he built the current site and he sings traditional folk music with his guitar.