#2217 – Middle Beach Car Park


Middle Beach CP 2022 (Requiring.Irrigate.Already)


Hares Dirty Mother, Cougar Bait, Hairy G String and Alice Noble.
For about the past six weeks you have had Death March alliterating the run reports. But I is back so you have to deal with me whilst DM sleeps off his meal at The Pig.

Having been out the loop for a while I wondered was there any significance in meeting at Middle Beach as opposed to the Bankes Arms! Will this be a dry January homage or was this to give those who participated in the Burns Night a chance to sober up.


We shall see. More importantly it appears to be cold outside so after 3 weeks of 32C heat I’m packing cold weather gear today.


Today’s run is brought to you by four virgin hares, who if I remember rightly are at least half my age. This doesn’t bode well for the rebooting of my hash running.


After the initial weird welcoming of new hashers, the Hares give their briefing, dropping in at the last moment there will be fishhooks.


So, the dance begins, I get led by Swinger towards the far end of the CP to be called back to follow the pack throughFort Henry (for the view) and then on the path to the Pub.


A welcome rest at this point as the more fleet of foot mill up and down the road. Breath back, we proceed past the church and go north into the village. The fit buggers go running up the road only to be called back by the vigilant Hares to go right onto the heath. Paths are plenty here giving the active runners a bit of a work out identifying the true trail. Their reward is they find the first fishhook. Youthful exuberance traps not four, not six but ten persons which cheers the spirt of us slower runners. We get to the heights of the path for a panoramic view and the first photo opportunity with a difference. Bendover, outdoes Spotted Dicks performances by imperiously balancing on the shoulders of lesser hashers so she can take the perfect group shot with a view.


After the shot has been taken, the crushed supporting bodies are discarded leaving us to plan our route to Agglestone rock. We’ve got to be going there. The valley is boggy so we must be looping around the contours to the left. The enthusiastic of our group take the main routes around. We look back to see we are basically correct, although we should be on a more minor trail. Still, never mind we eventually spy the dust and sprint off. Meanwhile my hind brain says this would be a good place to have a fish hook, Dooh! Ten of us get caught, we have to go back up hill to find El Picador to precess, to return to the Rock to find the exhibitionists of the group siting on the top. Why Shitzou allowed Taylor up there, risking life and limb we don’t know, but at least Snorkledecided ambition vs gravity was not a good bet.


More photos and we are off downhill, only to get called to regroup near the bottom. Back to the mud. However, Swinger, Death March and Grocer don’t want to get their feet wet and ignore the bar whilst Taylor struggles through the shiggy.


Across the road and down to the sand dunes. The Hares toy with us, leading us towards the nudist beaches but finally swing us back home via the back way to the CP.


So, a cold day but very sunny and warm whilst running, mega fishhooks, big turnout, lots of photo shoots and a Wurzle in a skirt.


So, what did you think?




Middle Beach Car park, Studland



Jan 30 2022


11:00 am - 12:30 pm


Middle Beach Car Park


Dirty Mother

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Cougar Bait