hash 2209

#2209 – The New Inn, Wareham

5.84 miles, 663ft climb, 1hr40mins.

The New Inn 2021 (Hoped.Lizard.Hydrant)

Hares Chippendale, Boy Lost, Leg Over and Horny (plus maybe Grocer again).

Temperatures are low and it looks a bit blowy, so going for a run where there are hills seems a good idea. But just to be on the safe side, a windproof top, hat and gloves are coming with me.
Good thing too, standing around the car park was a trifle stimulating, even without Shitzou attacking you.

Multiple hares today so if the trail has been blown away, we have a chance, although, there was a warning of loose dogs and being shot and if you are feeling frail don’t do the main because of big hills!
Did this worry us, no, as FishFinger, Swinger and Taylor were already speeding down the road looking for dust, leaving Hornblower, Lonely and I to follow wondering whether we will hit the hill straight away or head south? Takes a while, but we choose south as one blob is found. This seems all it needs to get us down to the broken bridge, seems like local skulduggery has been obliterating the trail so far.
So at the bridge have we found a bar? Or blob scrubbed out. LO ensures we travel via the new bridge, to the left, heading towards the castle. Up to the hilltop for a Spotted Dick photo opportunity. S and T take us into town for more choices, over to the train tracks, up the hill to the Scot Arms or other. Through the back alleys, we go, out onto the main road and left to the castle.
We try the alley to the left down to the river to find a check, so S decides to have a regroup. The hill in front of us looks like the next challenge, its not, Mini goes left we go right. Talking to Blow Job and Snorkle we realise I’ve been left behind. Still, chasing back means I have to follow the ladies group, which incorporates Bendover.
It would be nice to think I was able to overhaul the FRBs S, T, L and FF, but we find them sitting on a tree waiting for SD to take a photo.
We continue straight on, staying in the lowlands, to find a group of oblivious walkers in front of us. SD, wrongly assumes these are Mini walkers so shouts running encouragement loudly. Scaring them witless at least gets them out of the way.
Straight on, following the boundary of the Blue pool land to the road.
We must be thinking of going back now, so even though it’s tarmac, Snorkle must follow Swinger up the road to the memorial.
Across the field to make the ascent to the summit of the hill, luckily a tailwind helps.
Do we regroup on the top of the hill? No, it’s blowing a gale and it’s cold. Scramble down through the brush to find a style allowing us to run to the pub.
A quick change in the car park reveals I’ve only one dry clean sock. Never mind, we have plenty of layers to allow us to sit outside, eaters stay inside along with Grocer.
Phallic down-downs and a lot of questioning of Lemon Tart as to her new look.
So, one of the coldest hashes this year, trail sabotage, lots of shiggy trails, views of a castle, memorials, a hare that can keep at the front and a windy hill to climb.
So, what did you think?

The New Inn, Church Knowle, Wareham, BH20 5NQ

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Dec 05 2021


10:45 am - 1:00 pm




The New Inn
Church Knowle, BH20 5NQ


Chippendale Horny, Boy Lost, and Leg Over