#2207 – The Fleur De Lys Inn

6.32 miles, 468ft climb, 1hr25mins.

Fleur De Lys Inn Cranborne 2021 (Presides.Hiding.Nitrate)

Hares Grocer and Burning Bush

Off to sunny Cranborne on a cool day so extra layers were added; not been here running for a long time. Nothing changes, street parking as usual, so a bit of a walk to the start. Seems we will be banished to the outdoor tent for later ceremonies. Thought the turnout was a bit short of bodies, but all is well, most are gassing to each other in the tent.

I know young/new love is very special. However, I do draw the line at Spotted Dick and Bendover continuing their role-playing at the start, no matter how much you like the theme of “nuns in habits”!

The ladies were back from the private jaunts last week, even Lemon Tart, who was celebrating her birthday last night and was still in her party gear. Shame Wurzle doesn’t have as strong a constitution as LT, as he was a no show. Three trails today, although only two hares. If you were to do the old g*ts route (1 mile) you must fend for yourself.

Bit of confusion as to whether we need to explain dust to newbies, but they are only doing the mini so doesn’t matter . Whilst this was going on the fitter runners like FishFinger, Cougar Bait, Discoordination, Hairy G-string, Puffing Billy and Banger were already halfway out of town via the road. Luckily, they get called back to find an alley to the stream near where I was, thus saving a lot of chasing. We go east along the stream looking for dust, and then more looking for dust. Neither I nor TP seem to find much, but BB is waving us on. Rumours are there is tons of dust out here, but there are two problems, one, there’s been a heavy fall of leaves covering the stuff up, and two, Grocer organised this one. On the positive side, BB has far more energy than G and is keeping us on track.

And the track today is via a couple of false trails up to Castle Hill. We were in for a treat today, not only because we have to do a SD photoshoot, but it would appear that some energetic persons have very recently done a lot of scrub bashing so we could easily see all the fortification features and run around the walls. Out on a woodland permissive path we hunt the allusive dust with enthusiasm. Only to get called back to follow Taking The Pith off piste into the woods to do a pixy loop.

Lots of scrambling over woodland litter and losing your feet down holes we meet the Mini. Pierced Nipple looks worried as we seem to have lost TTP, but brightens up when she remembers he has life insurance so we don’t have to go and look for him.
Over a style and into a field of sheep, we take care to avoid. However, they seem to need company and charge after B and PB, who wave them away saying not today.

More photos at the great fallen beach tree and then is off down the mill lane. Even with a bit of local knowledge I still get sucked into the quagmire up to my knees on one bend before the delipidated mill. Some, like PB, had it worse with mud up to their family jewels, as opposed to B who seemed to avoid all shiggy somehow. Along a very sodden lane to the busy road. I go right as I know where we are going, which is why I have to turn around and chase everyone with the hare going the other way.

More off piste woods to another drover’s lane past the Sixpenny Brewery. Damn, no money for a takeaway.
Lots of us take the path up the hill to the football grounds. Which was stupid as BB had chosen the low trail around the field to the stream.
Finally, we have the on inn back to the pub.
Arriving I ponder, where was the sign in sheet, hadn’t seen it. It was in the Tent with Mini surrounded by the smell of roast dinners. Sneakily I sign in and out without BO noticing.
Time to get changed and find a beer. Task completed I notice BB checking the role. Bianca hasn’t signed in? Short story she injured herself and had to limp back with G, although I didn’t fully understand why they were wearing each other’s clothes.
So a cold clear day, lots of shiggy in places, Castles, off-piste wood, wandering, lots of dust hiding under leaves and a new trail layer who now knows not to follow G’s example.





Nov 21 2021


10:45 am - 1:00 pm




The Fleur De Lys Inn
5 Wimborne St, Cranborne, Wimborne, BH21 5PP


Grocer & Burning Bush