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#2206 – Oakdene Forest Park – November 14, 2021

5.03 miles, 121ft climb, 0hr55mins moving.

Oakdene Forest Park 2021 (Angel.Armed.Outer).

Hares John and ?

Sorry to the hares, didn’t get their names, mismanagement can rectify.

Seems I’m back to the car park reporting, well, this one’s slightly different in that we were warned to park considerately otherwise you might get a low flying caravan in the boot as they are delivered on Sundays, definitely a new one. More newbies on the mini today, so instruction about hash trails had to be given in detail. Then, respectfully, we had a minute’s silence conducted by Spotted Dick.

Observance completed we are free to take flight into the woods. We soon come to the first Long and Short split. We are still warming up, so Fish Finger and Swinger are at the front whilst I chat with Banger. Plenty of dust is laid, mostly, mentioned in initial Hares notes, on the left, which results in a good pace. Or in my terms, no rest at the checkpoints. Still, somehow, I’m eventually able to find the first fishhook, followed by FF. Hare was optimistic as this is for 6, takes a while to get the full complement (have to look confused to get people to the hook), but we do and have to head to the rear to find lurking at the back, Grocer.

Bad news, means the FRBs quickly get back to the front leaving me to take the slow trail back to the pack. Good news, I miss out on the next fishhook which this time gets B. After a long, well-marked, straight on, SD decides to play photographer beside a fairy grotto. On resumption we go to the next short cut split for the mini, whilst we do a big pixie loop. During this phase, our youngest runner (Muddy Queen) takes issue with the hare’s trail, as its too dry, and detours via smeggy paths to get her quota of mud.

During our trail there seems a reduction in the number of ladies. Word on the grapevine is they are hosting their own weekend, leaving the dishevelled partners to hope for a roast at the campsite. Following some dust on the right, we get called back, should’ve be on the left, so a couple of us must backtrack for the final push to the car park. So, no tarmac, warm November day, no rain, fast pace, more newbies, Muddy Queen up to tricks, no caravan crashes and roast dinners for the starving masses.

So, what did you think?


Nov 14 2021


11:00 am - 1:00 pm


Oakdene Forest Park
Oakdene Forest Park


Dirty Stop Out & Spoon